POSTMAN is a collaboration platform for API development. Its features
simplify each step of building an API and streamline collaboration so
you can create better APIs — faster. In this tutorial, we will show you
how to set up POSTMAN to create your first PDF Generator API call.

POSTMAN allows you to easily test all the API endpoints without developing and coding.

You can download our POSTMAN collection here.

We will cover:

  • JWT introduction, definition
  • Generation of your own token
  • Setting up the POSTMAN app
  • Input the JWT token to the POSTMAN app
  • Create a template using Postman — your…

Most flexible Web API and template editor for generating PDF documents from Your software, Your data.

Over the past months, we have developed some new functionality in PDF Generator API we are sure you will like. Before we dive into the details though, we would like to point out some of the basics. Specifically - what our product is, what is the problem it solves, or what value you as the customer receives.

PDF Generator API allows you to easily generate transactional PDF documents and reduce the development and support costs by enabling your users to create and manage their document templates using a browser-based drag-and-drop document editor.

The problem we are solving…
It is time-consuming and…

…focusing on SaaS businesses.

As you probably already know, the basic credo of every demo call is to acquire a new customer into your lead pipeline. Demo guideline can be, or even is a crucial part of this process. In our article, we will describe and demonstrate what steps we are taking to make the demo process of a new customer as successful as possible, which steps to avoid, and how to differentiate a product-oriented demo call from a customer-oriented one.

Let’s start with a short but nevertheless necessary definition:

A demo presentation involves a visual demonstration of your product…

Automate daily routines and boost your productivity like a PRO!

Everyone knows that situation. You get up in the morning, sooner or later a screen comes before your eyes. Whether it’s a laptop or other device, we need to perform, usually, our necessary activities with these.
Whether you want to or not, you will get there. To the point, where repeated activity sees the light of the day.

It can be answering the same questions from potential customers, sending emails via Gmail for new SurveyMonkey responses, adding leads to the spreadsheet in Google Sheets, creating Calendar events from Trello Cards…

API is a hero of our connected world, it is the engine under the hood and behind the scenes.

Many of us have heard about it, but not all of us know exactly what the term “API” means. So without any other storytelling words, let’s get to the point.

Application Programming Interface (API)

APIs allow applications to communicate with one another. You can think of it as a messenger, that takes your request and tells a system, what you want to do and then return the response back to you. API is a way for different programs to work together…

Michal Líška

Adapting IT products and solutions to complex customer environments to facilitate and shorten the sales cycle. Also BigData Enthusiast 🚀

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